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So a few people will have seen that I’ve bought this domain and that I’m planning great things to blog about from Advice to Retro Reviews to answering those questions that you’ve always wanted to know about living a 50s fashion alternative lifestyle.

Since there are many issues with hosting adult content, I plan to continue blogging about sex toys and adult-related issues on and keep this blog about fashion and lingerie, all things retro. Think more Jessica Rabbit crossed with Elvira Mistress of the Dark but in plus size.

So, I present to you the launch date for this website….. which is *drumroll please* Sunday 23rd September 2018

Why so long away you might ask? Well, on the 23rd September I will be celebrating being a blogger for 2 years. So I’m hoping to run some competitions and looking for donations of prizes for this event. Both the celebration of blogging for 2 years and also for the stepping out and blogging on my own website.

Speaking of prizes –  if you’d like to donate a prize in return for some big kisses from me, then please contact me at as I’d love to hear from you and represent you in this new and exciting chapter of my blogging life.

Also, use the same address if you have anything you’d like reviewing, I’m happy to do the majority of things as long as they fit a tall and plus size me! Sizes as follows:

Please note any items sent for review will be written up but not published until on or after the 23rd September 2018.  I will announce the competition starting 23rd August and it will run for 60 days to announce the winner on the 23rd October 2018. This will serve 1 month either side of the excitement and allow maximum exposure to the lovely wonderful sponsors.

I’m in the process of writing content for the site and will be doing so in the background, so if the site looks a little bland for the time being, please be assured things are happening in the backend that you can’t see.

Fancy chatting? Drop me a message.

Love Jo x

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