ARTICLE: Where do I buy my dresses from?

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A question I regularly get is where I get my dresses from and people are always surprised when I say online – there’s very few retailers that stock the dresses in their shops although people like SimplyBe and John Lewis have from time to time.

In short, the places I shop at are:

  • (see below)

I’ve also bought some unnamed branded ones from places such as eBay and Amazon and I’ve bought second-hand dresses from Facebook Groups – I’m part of a group called Fuller Figure Fuller Wardrobe V2, where ladies sell plus size clothing on which has been super interesting.

Places I also know about but I’ve never shopped at are:

  • (doesn’t carry above an 18)
  • (no plus size)
  • (constantly eyeing up dresses but not yet bought)
  • (I thought they were whole sale only but turns out they have an online shop – shall be perusing!)

Also places such as Yours Clothing, Debenhams and Simply Be sometimes stock the above brands, so worth having a look because the main brands sell out quite quickly and you can buy on account from Simply Be and pay later.

Okay, so minor white lie in the above list – I did once shop at Lindy Bop but I returned everything as all the sizes were crazy and didn’t flatter my figure at all, and since they don’t have free returns and it was incredibly difficult to get my money back, I’ve never returned although I do see lots of happy customers and wonder if it was just one bad occasion so maybe I should return?

I also bought from Collectif and whilst I fit in their 4xl dress, I bought a 4xl coat had to return it – in fairness,  I was high sky on hospital drugs buying Collectif coat at 3am in the morning but sadly, their 4xl which is akin to a size 22 – which is their largest size coat wouldn’t go up my arms let alone ontop of anything which makes me very sad as it’s my dream coat – who knows, maybe one day they might do bigger sizes?   If anyone knows of where I can get a plus size full circle belted coat from, I will love you forever as it’s on my wishlist to get my hands on.

It should also be noted that pinupgirlclothing is an American website and comes with custom charges. The Dress I bought was for my 30th Birthday and a one off special since it was over £130 and £30 of charges on top of it – it’s a good job it fit or I’d have had no outfit at all but it was my 30th and it was a treat and I did look fabulous in the end – see the review on my site of the red kitten heel shoes as you’ll see a picture of me.

Sadly a lot of the known brands don’t carry plus size which makes me very sad – I wear a 20/22 and I so can’t fit into some of the clothes.  Another issue I come up against is being tall,  and so some of the dresses just don’t look right on me.  By that I mean, they sit in the wrong places or the darts are in the wrong place so I tend to find a brand and a certain style that I like and keep rebuying in different patterns hence why you may see me wearing the same kind of dress but in different colours.

I should say that this post is not a definitive list of the places in which you can get 50s dresses and clothing from, it’s just the ones I’ve come across. If anyone has any other places to recommend getting clothing from, especially if they carry plus size clothing then I’m all ears!

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