REVIEW: All Woman 20 Denier Shorter Tights

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REVIEW: All Woman 20 Denier Shorter Tights

I came across The Big Tights Company thanks to the lovely Georgina Horne.  I’d bought various different coloured tights (I’d always wanted smurf legs!) from them but always found that they were way too big for me and that I was having to put a bobble around the top of them to stop them sliding down over my hips and ultimately off my butt altogether. I had the worst Nora Batty ankles but with the bobble, they stayed up much better and quick readjust whilst in the loos served their purpose. I was just happy to have tights long enough and big enough.

I then got an half price offer through email of ‘Shorter’ tights and my interested was piqued. I started out rather sceptical since the word ‘shorter’ never appears on any clothing I have!! I’m a dress size 22 and have a 36 inch inside leg and they fit perfectly. I rang through to their customer service to inquire how they’d fit and because they were brand new, they didn’t really have the answer so I was sent a pair free of charge so that I could give feedback – mucho excitement started to bubble.

The most exciting part was that I was sent my actual dress size – 20-26. For a tall plus size girl, I often have to buy the biggest size tights there are going just to get them past my knee caps but these babies…..I popped them on with no problem. The length of the tights was fine for me and I didn’t have Nora Batty ankles nor need to keep pulling them up!  I also didn’t feel like I was trying to coax them to stretch to my leg length. They also made no movement to gravitate downwards and was able to walk around with no problems at all.   I would suggest that because they are so fine, that you check your nails for any catching because they’d be very easy to tear and maybe wear a soft glove when putting them on but that’s not necessarily a sizing issue.

I would say you’d be pushing it for any more than 36 inch at a size 22.  If you’re smaller and have longer legs, they will stretch but a bigger dress size than 22 with long legs then maybe not.  I’m obviously at the smaller end of the range for sizing but that allows for my long legs.   I would say if you’re a 26, then you’d need to be a 31 leg for them to fit but that’s when you’d consider going up to your other tights.

These tights feel like you’ve got some grip which is what I didn’t get with the other tights. They go up past my waist which considering from my waist to the floor is 4ft, that’s still quite long but it’s down to the seat of the tight being able to go up to a 26.  They sit comfortably and don’t dig in. 

The only drawback is that I’ve come across they are incredibly thin, and bust quite easily and since they are £7.50 a pair, which in my opinion is quite expensive for a pair of tights, they are still a life saver.  I’m definitely sold on these! In fact, I went straight to the website to order myself 4 more pairs. They offer them in Natural, Coffee, Navy and Black of which I now have several pairs of Natural and one pair of Black.  I just can only hope that they try this type of tight in their funky colours too.

Thanks very much for the opportunity to try them on. I shall recommend to my fellow tall and plus size girls. You can find the All Woman 20 Denier Shorter Tights here.

This is an unsponsored and unaffiliated review. 

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