REVIEW: Pleaser Pink Label Red Patent Classic Kitten Heel Pump

Petticoat Diva

These shoes were a present from the owners of FM Heels for my 30th Birthday. I asked if they wanted a review of them and they kindly said I didn’t need to but they weren’t going to turn one down!

My 30th birthday party took place in June and I had around 50 people coming to the St Pancras Renaissance Hotel in London, it was a glorious venue and I decided that I wanted a Through The Looking Glass theme / Vintage Alice in Wonderland so to speak and therefore, my outfit was going to be a vintage Queen of Hearts with Victory rolls, a fitted black dress with my red hair, red lipstick AND some red shoes.

Enter the Pleaser Pink Label Red Patent Classic Kitten Heel Pumps. FM Heels originally send me a Size 9 (42) and whilst they fit at the time my feet were crammed into them and so I ended up returning them and asking for a Size 10 (43).  The thing that I love about FM Heels is that they have a huge range of sizes and these shoes in particular start at Size 6, up to a Size 13 and so I’m smack back in the middle of the range. How cool ey?  I don’t think the FM Heels are very wide fitting so combatting this issue, I simply size up especially in fixed PVC shoes that give very little stretch.

Given that Latex Leather and Lace order these shoes from US and are the main UK stockist for all things Pleaser, the turn around on these shoes and with the size change meant they came super dooper fast!  They arrived in a DHL box and nothing about it said they were “Fuck Me” shoes!   The discreet delivery of these shoes is something I do love about Latex Leather and Lace.

These shoes are a stunning red patent pointed toe. I hate my toes and so I rarely wear open-toed shoes although this is an option on the website. I went for the kitten heel as I think it’s a fabulous look and really added to my outfit.

The shoes have a glossy look and shine like no end. Since I’m already 6ft, I only went for a 2.5 heel with no platform. The extra addition of these being a patent leather is that they are vegan-friendly and whilst I’m not vegan – my readers may be interested.

Having the red shoes meant it finished off my black dress with a touch of glamour and my guests at my party said that I looked fabulous which who am I to argue?

The shoes were super comfortable to wear but halfway through the night of running around seeing all my guests for my party, I did have to opt for flat shoes! I know, boooooohissbooo, but I rarely wear heels and so it was a shock to the system to be nearly 3 inches higher than normal – I had no problem with walking in them and was more than happy to dance in them but my poor tootsies needed a rest.  These have become a firm favourite in my wardrobe and I have since worn them again several times.  The shininess of these shoes just really attracts the eye, classic and sleek.

I’m a heavy walker and so if I plan on wearing these a lot, I will be opting to change the heels for metal because I work my way through heels very very easily, this isn’t a downfall of the shoe,  it’s just how I walk.

You can buy these shoes here at the FM Heels site for £47.95 but if you use the code DIVAFOOF 10 it will get you a cheeky 10% off.

These shoes get a 10/10 from me.

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  1. Petra Pan
    September 23, 2018 at 18:24

    Wow these shoes are gorgeous!! Love them. Thanks for the review and pics.

    PP x

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