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I’ve spent hundreds on buying corsets over the years but I’ve always had the same problem time and time again, it didn’t fit my body. It wasn’t right, it was either too short in the body,  the wrong size because I underestimated what my shape was at the time, the steel doesn’t bend where my waist is or — the list goes on.

For a while, I’d been following popular bloggers such as the lovely Georgina Horne from Fuller Figure Fuller Bust and through her pictures, I saw her wearing a corset by a company called ‘Rosie Red Corsetry’ and I started to inquire and look more closely. The business is run by an amazing woman unsurprisingly called Rosie who makes all of her own work and blow me down, she’s only gone and dressed one of my most favourite actresses of all time – Helen Bonham-Carter!    I was sold however, it was quite an outlay but in my 30th year, I decided it was time to treat myself to something I really wanted but I wasn’t going to mess it up.

I took a drive to Rosie’s Cave of Wonders (her workshop) nestled in a sleepy village near Oxford and asked Rosie to personally measure me so that she was doing the measurements correctly and not me just hoping I’d got it right – whilst I was there, I got to try on a few of Rosie’s items that she had in stock and it just enhanced my excitement tenfold and I really got to see the difference.  Rosie managed to get my waist at the time which was 47″ down to a 41″ – PEOPLE I AM SUPER SQUISHY – I was chuffed and even if I do say so myself, I thought I looked fabulous.

The aim of the game was that buying a Rosie Red corset, would enhance my 50s look.  The one thing I noted was that I still needed a larger size for the boobicles but dresses were much smaller on the waist, which is where belts came in.

Rosie was super patient with me as I whipped my kit off for her to measure me and prance around like a princess. I loved every minute of it.    I chose to buy a black underbust everyday corset.  I asked for some embellishments in the corset that I’d seen on a over bust she’d done before –  I got dressed and drove home.

5 weeks later, I had the exciting delivery. Rosie kept me up to date all the way through and let me know when it was being sent. She puts so much attention to detail on her brand.  It came in a cardboard box wrapped in tissue paper that could be used as storage – because the item is handmade by Rosie herself, there is no unsightly tags or anything added to the corset to remove – you simply can slip it straight on out the box.   My most favourite thing though is that there is a tiny love heart which is Rosie’s stamp that is on the corset in red thread.

The corset is steel boned with steel busks at the front and has ribbon to pull you in. It comes pre-laced and basically ready to wear.  When you first try it on, you might not get yourself in as much as possible because the bones have to warm up but after a few times wearing it, a couple of hours each time, I found I can now pull myself in with no problem at all. The first few times, I need friends to help but Rosie has some super useful videos to watch on how to do it yourself and with a bit a practice makes perfect, you’ll be doing it yourself in no time.  Note: a full-length mirror is super handy.

I wear this corset all the time, I can pull myself in and out of it without damaging myself or the corset. I can lace myself in within 5-10 minutes.  The corset came with no modesty panel as it was expected to be worn as shapewear and it was expected that I’d have a 2 inch gap and it wouldn’t full close but over the last few months, I ‘ve lost about 2 stone and so my corset now does fully close and I have a bit of a tummy pouch where fat once used to be!

The tummy pouch is soon sorted with a pair of shapewear knickers or shaper skirt such as Maidenform but this basically now means that I need to go buy another one, right?!  now just to save the pennies. The hardest part of this whole purchase was deciding which one I wanted because I wanted them all!

The corset pictures speak for themselves,  its quite an outlay but for what you’re getting, it’s a BARGAIN.    This corset is made for you and your body. No one else.  It’s a unique piece of clothing that no one else will ever have – it really gives you an amazing waist and hourglass figure.

People have been so curious about my corset that I even found myself stripping off in Hyde Park to show a couple other girls what the corset looks like – I worked on the idea that I prance around in my undies on Insta so why not in Hyde Park in my shapewear?!

Rosie is super fast at replying to messages so if you’re intrigued, you can go ask questions and start making that investment. You can do a payment plan with her too so you can save towards getting one and as soon as Rosie has the full amount she will start making it for you!

This corset gets a 10/10 from me.  I love it, and I will be returning for more.  Thank you so much Rosie, you are a babe!

Unaffiliated and unsponsored review. 

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