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I’m a massive fan of having themed dresses and only wearing those themed dresses during the specific months of the year to which the holiday relates, one of which is Halloween.  I love myself a dress that I can wear during the month of October to go alongside Halloween.

I have 3 dresses so far and I’m on the hunt for more, two of which I have acquired this year.

Harlow Hell Bunny

My first Halloween dress which I adore is the Hell Bunny Harlow Dress.   The print is of Halloween pumpkin cherries, bats with spider webs on a black background, it has a full circle skirt and bolero style panels at the shoulders, capped sleeves with a sweetheart neckline and high waist.  The dress has zip in the back seam and is made out of cotton.   My Hell Bunny Harlow dress is a 4XL which is a size 22 to accommodate ze boobies!  The hips are free and so not too much of a problem.  Since I’m 6ft and have long legs, the Harlow sits nicely on my knee and because the bats are purple on the print, I wear a purple petticoat to help flare the dress out.  Being made out of cotton, this dress is much more fitted than a stretchy material which is why I find I fit a 22 over the below styles where I fit in to a 16.

You can have a look at Hell Bunny‘s Halloween collection here.  The dress doesn’t appear to be available in the 4XL anymore but you can have a look at the rest of the Harlow collection here as you can still get the circle skirt in the pattern.

The two dresses that I have acquired this year are both Lady V London / Lady Voluptuous Lyra dresses:

Zombies Lady V London

The first one is the Lady V 2017 Halloween Print covered in Zombies  –  I’m not gonna lie, it’s been a 50/50 dress for a lot of people but I love it. Its print is basically me covered in dead people who are covered in blood.  The background is a blue,  is long sleeved and has a v neckline – the pattern is very walking dead-esque.   The Zombie dress is not a dress I can link you to because it’s a retired pattern, to the point that I don’t even know what it’s official name is. I was super lucky to snaffle this dress on the Facebook group Fuller Figure Fuller Wardrobe inspired by Georgina Horne  (Fuller Figure Fuller Bust). It’s full of ladies selling on secondhand clothes or just looking to share.  The dress was being sold as a BNWT, and so despite its awesomeness has remained in a lady’s wardrobe unworn and so I was more than happy to take it off one of the lovely ladies hands for £25.   I choose to wear a red petticoat with this dress to go with the blood on the zombies.

Ghosts and Ghouls Lady V London

The second dress which is from the Lady V 2018 Halloween Print covered in ghosts and the text “Boo!”  – this is the Ghosts and Ghouls dress. It’s a very dark Navy Blue almost black but not quite and the pattern is a green – it’s very spooky.  Again it has a V neck but oddly enough, despite being October I was disappointed that it wasn’t a long sleeve but I love it regardless, I loved the pattern so much that I pre-ordered the dress and had to wait 2/3 weeks for it to be posted.  The wait was excruciating but totally worth it. It arrived on a Wednesday and I was wearing it the next day.   I choose to wear my purple petticoat with this dress but I think I could also use my red one. I oddly wouldn’t wear any other colours especially with it being Halloween inspired.  You can find this dress currently for sale here.

In Summary

The Lyra dress is something that really fascinates me because I’m a size 20/22 and the Lyra dresses are made out of polyester and so are super stretchy and so I can actually get into a size 16 which could really make you feel pretty good and was the main reason I was able to snaffle the zombie dress.   The other thing that makes me chuckle is that despite being tall, the Lyra dresses sit past my knee and so I always wondered how far down it would be for someone of normal height! The long sleeve Lyra’s do not sit correctly and so I end up making them 3/4 sleeve which tbh, I think actually prefer.

So yes,  I love myself a themed dress and these are the three I have – I’m always on the lookout for more –  The one thing that I always keep saying is that I’d never want to think that I look like I’ve repurposed my grandma’s curtains and so I don’t particularly like buying flowery patterns so when patterns like the Halloween collections come out, I simply cannot resist.  Like my dresses?  Leave a comment and tell me what your favourite Halloween outfits are.

p.s I’ve also just bought this one on Ebay – no idea what it’s like but at £12 I thought it will be cheap and cheerful!

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