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I love hosiery but more so I love stockings and hold-ups, they are a regular buy in my house as I wear them pretty much every day.  I favour black top, nude tight but been known to style out fishnets from time to time and also other colours of tights. So, when The Big Tights Company sent me the All Woman Lace Hold Ups in Black and Nude I couldn’t wait to try them.

When the All Woman Lace Hold Ups in both Black and Nude arrived the packaging gave me an air of luxury about them. The hold-ups are wrapped around a piece of white card and placed inside a plastic wrapper. There is then a sleeve in pink and black that has the branding on the sleeved card. The product and its sizing can be seen with a small cut out of the card.

Across the top of the hold-ups are an EXTREMELY deep band of floral lace. In relation to the colouring,  the nude is a nude band with a nude tight. The black is a black band with a black tight.  Lace top stockings seem so much more classy and rev my engine more than any other type of stocking top. The stockings were soft and supple and felt great to the touch.  The Big Tights Company are aimed at the curvier woman,  so it wouldn’t surprise you that their sizing starts at a size 20.  I for once got to have their smaller size.  Being 6ft and having 36 inch inside leg, it’s a rarity for me that I can have the smallest size on offer.  In this case, I was trying out the size 20-26 and they fit!

Hold-Ups Sizing Wobbles

There’s one thing that I found about Sizing was that I never think of my thighs being a dress size.  It’s very difficult to know that if your bust, waist, and hip is X dress size. Then your thighs will be the same. In comparison to the rest of me, my thighs aren’t *that* chunky, or at least, they are in proportion. My thighs on a loose measurement come in at 30 inches at the thickest part – these hold ups have the capacity stretch another 4 inches up to 34 inches which by clothing sizes is another 2 dress sizes.

What I don’t understand from the website is that both their 20-26 and 28-32 apparently only stretch to 34 inches.  So is the extra material in the leg?  The difference between a size 20 thigh and a size 32 thigh should be quite remarkable so you’d expect the band to stretch higher in the larger size?

The sizing was fascinating, it hardly felt like I was wearing anything as it was so soft and so comfortable to wear that I instantly forgot I had them on. The All Woman Lace Hold Ups are pretty big and are the biggest hold ups that The Big Tights Company have to offer and for once it’s really nice to see a company catering for the larger women because all women deserve to be able to wear hosiery.

A whole lotta material

One thing I noticed was that the banding on the stockings are extremely deep, this is definitely a difference for me as I’m used to around a 2 possible 3 inch band and the All Woman Lace Hold Ups approximately 5 inches which take up quite a lot of the leg as you’ll see in the pictures and my legs are 3ft – so it does leave me wondering how this would look on a shorter woman and if it the product ran the risk of the material being closer to the knee.

Nude Hold-Ups

When looking at the reverse of the banding I expected a lot more grip to be on the back than there was present, the banding being so deep made me think that there was more room for more grip but however, it did mean that the hold ups were perfect to wear suspenders with because you could easily fit the suspender through the material and not be fighting against the grip.  So if there was any concern about the banding not staying, a pair of suspenders kept them securely in place without any kind of worry, to be honest though, I only used them as an aesthetic rather than a necessity.

Black and White photo of the nude Hold-Ups.

Another was that despite having very long legs, there was so much material to offer my legs and I didn’t have to do that ‘drag gently from the bottom’ thing you have to do with so many products to coax them up your thighs nor did I have to worry about the dreaded roll that so many of us thick thigh ladies know about.  I’ve bought so many stockings that they’ve sometimes never even made it past my knee due to lack of material and stretch, this is definitely not an issue I had with the All Woman Lace Hold Ups

The entire product of All Woman Lace Hold Ups was just seamless, my only concern was that they were very thin on denier and feared that they may come a cropper very easily and so you’d need to wash them separate from everything to avoid any accidental damages such as my black pair which unfortunately on the other side of the wash had a few holes in them and so I’d kept one leg for the next pair that I buy and ditched the holy one! (a bonus of stockings and hold-ups being two separate pieces of material, unlike tights!)


I absolutely adore the All Woman Lace Hold Ups and if you peruse the hold ups page here, you’ll find what other holdups that have to offer.

I would say if you are anything less than a 30 inch thigh, then you may find that the  All Woman Lace Hold Ups will not stay up but anything more than that and these are definitely the Hold Ups for you.

I’d love to see The Big Tights Company  offering these in more classic colours such as Black Top Nude Tight with AND without a seam – if I could find something like this then I’d never have to buy terrible quality again (I’m looking at you, Ann Summers!)

The Big Tights Company sell  The All Woman Lace Hold Ups for £16.95 a pair or 3 for £39.95  which means you get the third pair 50% off  – for me, these hold ups are super expensive which is a huge shame. Although, they are great quality with potential for more than 1 use – that said, I pay £9 a pair for some stockings that I don’t even get out the house with because of quality issues so I’m torn over the pricing of these because I really feel they could do with being much cheaper, however, I will be returning for more of this product because the price outweighs the fact that sizing and quality is perfect for a plus size tall woman.

Thank you so much to the awesome people at The Big Tights Company for sending me a pair of the nude and a pair of the black All Woman Lace Hold Ups to review. I’ve merged two products into one review as the only difference between the two was indeed the colouring. I was sent these items free of charge and in exchange for an honest and impartial review.

If you liked this review, you can see another review of the All Woman 20 Denier Shorter Tights also from The Big Tights Company

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