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For a long long time I’ve been on the hunt for a swing coat – a coat in which would have a full circle skirt to it to go over the top of my 50s dresses.

My wardrobe has 55+ dresses within in it which I wear petticoats and corset under in order to get an A-Line / Hourglass Shape. Nobody, when you go to that kind of effort wants to have a coat squash the look. So for the most part of this season, I’ve worn my leather jacket a lot and dressed it up with hats and scarfs but it really isn’t warm enough! I have a Sarah Jane Coat from Hell Bunny in Red/Black but it’s just too short over my dresses and so the combination of the extravagance of the coat over my epic dresses just doesn’t look right. The Sarah Jane coat to wear with Jeggings so I’ve been on the look for a full circle swing coat ever since.

Enter … Love ur Look London and Miss Amy May on Instagram. I happened to be lazily scrolling through Insta on the 26th November when I saw Miss Amy May wearing the most exquisite black swing belted coat and I thought – it’s too good to be true, it’ll be too short or not big enough – I’m 6ft and so finding coats is a nightmare in any length, I have to consider that sleeves might not be as long as I’d like or that I might not be able to wear jumpers under a coat because they will be snug as coats never seem to fit BUT I WAS WRONG. omg.

With encouragement from Miss Amy May about the fit, I wandered onto the Love Ur Look London website to have a gander at The Coat in more detail and sure enough, it went up to a 4XL! This size is usually a 20/22, and I thought to my self that it will likely fit in terms of body; as my Hell Bunny dresses all come in 4XL, but it was a risk because the Collectif Corrina Swing Trench Coat in 4XL didn’t even make it up my arms, it ran excessively small!

I took the plunge and ordered the dress and soon after, I received communication from Ronke and Tate of Love Ur Look that there was going to be a wait for the coat. This wait was more than normal because the coat was being specifically made at the size I had requested. I enquired as to whether there was an option of the next size up because coats should go ontop clothes meaning a size up would be really useful for me. I felt myself typing the next sentence like an out of body experience; I asked, if it was being made for me, could it possibly have a longer sleeve? I really was pushing my luck – I thought, there’s no way this can be in my favour. Yet again, Ronke and Tate blew me away with the sleeve length because not only did they request the 5XL, they managed to get them longer for me as a special request! Talk about lucky me!!!

I started to panic that something was going to go wrong when I realised the wait time for the coat was getting longer and longer but ever the consummate professionals with a few reassurance and apology emails from Love Ur Look Team; my coat arrived on my doorstep on 22nd December, just in time for Christmas. I felt bad as I too am a small business and they were having to deliver these wait messages but I thought no, I’m going to sit tight and wait, although I can be terribly blunt in my emails and so I fear I upset them with some of my feedback but it was more about I wanted to make sure they weren’t out of pocket! so my sincere apologies to them and I hope they know I’m eternally grateful.

In my package today, I also had a £10 gift voucher and a lovely little flamingo pin! I really can’t bear to use the voucher because I am so lucky with how far they went to meet my needs alongside the postage being more expensive than what I had originally paid for (it’s a heavy coat!), it would be entirely unfair for me to use such a voucher. I will however, wear the cute pin.

This was a Christmas present to me from me – I paid £154.50 (inc. postage) for the coat, I’ve noted on their website that the coat is now £165 (without postage) but it is worth every penny! The coat is such a good quality coat. I have bought swing coats from other sellers that I’ve had to send back and my search has now finally come to a lovely sweet end. This cost is nothing for the quality of the coat I received.

The only feedback that I would have for the coat is that they made the hook and eye clasps that close the coat in black rather than silver because the top one is easy to see even when closed but that’s something I can easily change myself because the rest of the coat is absolutely perfect. I took it out for a test drive over one of my dresses earlier today to the supermarket of all places and I got nothing but admiring looks! It’s stunning.

The coat is a wrap style coat, it’s a V-neck. It also has a collar that folds over. The belt is attached directly to the coat so no-nonsense with threading or losing the belt, it’s always there. The belt ties at the front at the waist bringing the coat inwards. The great thing about this tie front is that I can wear this coat with and without a corset and it will shrink and expand and still show off my shape. Pay close attention to clean up of the coat because it is a dry clean only coat, something which is important if you want the coat to last you a long time especially with the shaping.

The coat is fully lined and is an absolute dream to wear, the lining is silky smooth. The length of the coat is graded in line with the sizing so no fear of losing length in the coat over the larger sizes which amazing as usually a problem I experience quite a bit. Overall the length of the coat is approx 44inches which is perfect for me being so tall. The coat sits nicely over the top of all my dresses that you cannot see anything poking out.

If I had a higher score than 10 to give Love Ur Look London, I would give them it because they have gone above and beyond my expectations and yes, I had to wait a while for the coat but in the end, I got the nicest coat ever. If there were to offer the longer sleeves as a standard offer even for an extra price and longer wait, I’d still have bought it and I’d be recommending them to my tall friends too. It’s a cool USP to have.

Can’t see much detail from this picture – was difficult to take as it’s all black but look how lush it is and how long the sleeves are!

You can buy this coat and I highly recommend that if you’re into vintage dressing that you do so here. Yes, it’s an investment but it’s worth it. You will not be disappointed with the service in which the Love Ur Look London Team can offer. You can check out more of the Love Ur London shop on this link here. If you see something you like, don’t forget to tell them I sent you.

Finally, it’s been a bit quiet on my blog of late but that’s down to the pressures of my full-time job. Wishing all my readers and suppliers, a very Merry Christmas and I hope to see you in 2019.

Closer picture of the Black Belted Swing Coat

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