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In celebration of my website being moved over to a foof friendly host, I’ve decided to give away a Corset Needle Play Kit.  To cut a long miserable story short, I bought it for myself but never got chance to use it. So, I’m using it as a give away rather than it sitting in my cupboard even longer!


As part of this give away I got the chance to interview Sub Bee and Sub Bee’s Keeper.  Sub and her Keeper are needleplay enthusiasts and have engaged in needleplay lots of times. I personally never got the chance to do it and so I wanted to ask someone who enjoys doing needleplay in the absence of my knowledge.  They also took a few pictures for me.

“Hey you beautiful pair, thanks for giving me the opportunity to interview you able needle play. I’ve got some questions for you….

What is Needleplay?

Her: It’s were you temporarily pierce your or someone else’s skin with needles. There are a variety of different reasons people do it, we’ll explain ours a bit later. Some people do it for the sensation, some people for the creativity, some people class it as a form of medical play.

Him: I can’t add anything more to Bee’s description.

How long was it before you tried Needle play together?

Her: We were together about 6 years before we tried needleplay. Partly because I think I saw it as quite serious play, mostly because we were experimenting with so many other things. We couldn’t do everything all at once, even if we did try!

Once I found the courage to ask him, he jumped at the chance. We asked someone known for their needleplay skills to run through it with us and she showed my partner the ropes and he tried it straight away. We both took to it like ducks to water and haven’t looked back since!

Him: Yup, what Bee said!

Who likes needleplay more out of the two of you?

Her: Me! Well of course I’m going to say that!

Him: Actually it’s both of us.

Her: *Whispers* definitely me 😉

In your own words; What is a needle corset kit?

Him: It’s an easy way to explore something new where you have everything you need.

Her: I would think it’s a starter kit to try out needleplay for the first time. I’d assume it contains a template for the corset, a body marker pen to mark the points to pierce, some needles, the ribbon, swabs for cleaning, gloves, antibacterial gel, a yellow waste disposal bag and a sharps bin.

Have you used one before?

Him: We started with a surgical staple corset kit before purchasing a needle starter kit.

Her: Yes and no. We did have a needle starter kit that contained most of the items above. However, we did have a staple corset kit which contained the template, marker pen and some ribbon.

Does needleplay hurt?

Him: Not at all… just kidding, it’s very much like when you give blood, more like a small prick. There may be slightly more pain if the needles are knocked, twisted or pulled by the ribbon… this could be done by accident or purpose depending on how both parties are feeling.

Her: Yes, you’re having your skin pierced with something sharp so that isn’t going to be pain free. It does also depend on a variety of different factors how painful it is. For example, different areas of my body are more painful than others, my mood has an impact and so does my monthly cycle.

Is needleplay relaxing?

Him: Absolutely.

Her: Most definitely. For me the endorphin high is something I don’t get from anything else. I enter subspace, or needlespace as I call it, very quickly. It also keeps me up for a few days before the inevitable drop happens.

Has either of you ever hurt the other person by accident? Or hurt yourself at that.

Her: Funny you should say that, he did stab himself as he created this design. Accidents happen! We’re fluid bonded so it didn’t upset me. If you aren’t fluid bonded then cut the hub of the needle off with cutters and pull it through to avoid blood contamination.

Him: Other than that mishap, neither of us has accidentally hurt the other.

Have you ever had to end a needplay session for any reason?

Him: Yes, we were at an event and the area designated for needle play was too warm. This had a negative effect to the proceedings, causing Bee to feel feint. We both decided to ere on the side of safety and stop immediately.

Her: It was more that I felt nauseous than feint but even so, it wasn’t pleasurable for either of us so pretty pointless continuing.

Do you both like having needles place in you or is it solely one direction?

Him: I have placed the odd needle in myself for practice but never more than one or two. Not against it, just not done it.

Her: I’m too scared to try and stab him! He is my Dominant so inflicting paint on him doesn’t feel right, although if he told me to do it then with his guidance maybe I could give it a go.

What’s your favourite shape (out of needles) to make?

Him: I don’t technically have a favourite shape, but I did enjoy making the Death Star for May the fourth one time.

Her: The Death Star was incredibly cool but the heart was adorable, the Christmas star was pretty and the birthday present felt so deep and meaningful too. So no clear favourite, I love them all.

Where do you get your shape ideas from?

Him: Sometimes we do have particular thoughts on something we want to achieve but most of the time I just start putting in the needles and see where it goes. It can range in complexity.

Her: The stringing isn’t a necessary step. For some the needles are all they need. However his creative streak flies free with the designs which is a beautiful thing to watch.  If you aren’t as creative then simplified string art designs on Pinterest are good and use a skin marker pen before you start too if that makes it easier. We use cotton thread or wool because it’s easier to work with, ribbon twists! Also you need more than you realise, we thought 2 meters of ribbon would be enough, it turns out we needed 4 meters so used wool instead of ribbon for the corset shown in the images. Finally, always throw the material away once you’re finished, don’t reuse it at is could harvest bacteria.

What is it you like about needleplay?

Him: Being creative, it allows me to make something pretty using something that’s looked at as being scary or dangerous. I also like the way it makes Bee feel, it’s the best way to get her relaxed.

Her: For me there are so many factors. I love the different sensations it gives, each stage feel very different. You have the anticipation as you wait for each needle to go in, then there’s the sharp pain as it goes in. If you string them, there’s a bizarre pinging sensation as the material is threaded around each needle and tightened. Then there’s the removal, he is good at making that painful, either by wiggling the needle or he sprays rubbing alcohol before they’re removed so that’s dragged through as the needle is removed. Also, I love watching him create art, that’s so sexy for me to see.

How many needleplay sessions have you done this?

Him: Too many to count. It’s something we both enjoy.

Her: Lots, I couldn’t count. Speaking of counting, I do tend to float away into sub space very quickly, after about 5 needles I’m clueless how many have been inserted. He makes me count as he removes them and I’m always surprised how many there were!

Is needleplay easy to do?

Him: All it really needs is confidence and awareness. You need to be confident and precise when pushing the needles through the skin and you need to be aware of how your partner is feeling as well as where you are putting the needles. Safety for both of you is very important.

Her: Yes, I just lay or sit there and enjoy the sensations.

Do you remove all needles before having sex?

Him: This will depend on where the needles are. In safety terms, doing so could increase risk of pulling the needles out or accidental pricking to either party. I would not recommend it unless you are both incredibly comfortable and understand all hazards that could occur.

Her: Accidental pricking *sniggers*. The sensible answer is no because movement can dislodge the needles. However, we have done when needles were in my back, he was very controlled and kept tapping the needle hubs. A very bizarre experience I would repeat in a heartbeat.

Is sex a common thing after a needleplay scene or can you end the scene without?

Her: Well a scene can always end without sex, sex is never a given. However, needles leave me incredibly wet and willing!

Him: Sex is never an expectation. Clearing away the used needles and tidying up tends to remove some of the heat from the scene but we have been known to make the most of the wetness.

Jo: THANKS SO MUCH to the both of you for answering my questions  You were absolute GEMS!

Her: No problem, turns out I had much more to say than I realised. Perhaps I should do a piece on this?!

Jo: Yes please do! We shall keep an eye out on your website.  Bye for now!”

You can find Bee and her Keeper on twitter here and here.  Bee also has her own website here.

Where can I find more information?

I must strongly advise that this kit is not for the faint-hearted; and that you should practice this as a SAFE, SANE and CONSENSUAL play with a trusted partner but also as a RISK AWARE CONSENSUAL KINK.  Piercing the body with sharp objects must only be done in an appropriate environment and all health factors and personal requirements must be at for front of the mind. No Edge or Needle Play should be undertaken under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs.

There is a lot of guidance online but I’d like to draw your attention to the following points of information.  Please ensure that if you win this kit that you take everything seriously; and all due diligence and research are undertaken before playing.

I bought the kit from EdgePlay and this is the guide they have uploaded online for basic needle play.

I liked this post too but I do not personally know the couple.

If you also absolutely love AtoSubB’s needle work, you can also see some of her needle posts her website but also here:

PICTURES of Bee and her needles and needle corset.

Is the kit new?

The kit arrived in a plastic envelope from a trusted supplier, EdgePlay. No guidance or paperwork was provided with the kit as you’re simply buying certain items in order to start playing, but as shown above they provide an online guide.  I have made contact with some of the contents by rewinding the ribbon or putting the gloves into a bag. All needles are still sealed and have not been opened.

I originally bought the kit for my Master to use on me but we broke up and it’s been sat in my cupboard unused ever since.

What is in the kit?

  • 80 x 22g 1.5″ black needles
  • a small sharps bin
  • 12 non-latex medical gloves
  • 20 pre injection wipes
  • 20 sterile gauze swabs
  • a sterile skin marker pen
  • reel of 6mm ribbon (22 metres)

How to enter

  • There is a picture post on my instagram account @petticoatdivajo which you need to favourite.
  • You also need to follow my insta and twitter account (same name as insta)
  • Lastly; tag 3 people under the insta post who you think would be interested in winning it too.
  • and as a bonus, write a comment on this blog post and tell me whether you’ve tried needleplay before or not.

One entry per person on each channel. Daily entries do not increase your chances.

Terms and Conditions

  • One winner, 1 prize.
  • You must be 18 years or over to enter this giveaway.
  • Be a resident of the United Kingdom or Ireland. We will not be responsible for any postage issues or taxes.
  • You must not enter with a giveaway account.  If all your social media feed is you entering into competitions, you will be immediately discounted.
  • Winner will be drawn at random and notified by email or twitter DM. The winner will have 24 hours to respond If they do not respond during that time another winner will be drawn.
  • Once the winner claims the prize, the prize will be posted within a week of the draw.
  • The prize is brand new and donated by Jo. No liability will be accepted for any damage you may do during use.
  • This prize is must only be used in circumstances where it is RISK AWARE and CONSENSUAL and if you have any issues then you must cease use straight away.
  • The winner will be drawn on the 31st May 2019.


Jo x

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