I love receiving Oral – do you?

Petticoat Diva

Oral Receipt


One of my favourite things in sex is receiving oral, I love it – do you?. Might seem selfish but having your head between my thighs; buried so deep in my cunt that I can feel your heavy breathing against my skin as you eat your way around my clit. I groan and get louder and louder the more you sucking at all my juices. I love knowing your cock is twitching and gaining hardness the more I writhe under your body weight. You keep my legs prized open with your shoulders so effortlessly.


Looking down at you only turns me on more. My gasps out loud as you grab my thighs. You pull me downwards and harder towards your face. The force of me slamming down my wet cunt onto your face makes my back arches and I slowly climb towards orgasm. Your tongue flicking over my clit as you assault my sensitive area. I give you warning that you’re gonna make me cum, which only drives you more into my cunt. Suddenly and faster than expected, I tip over into a long drawn out orgasm and cum over your tongue.


A short while later, as you wait patiently, my white silky cream starts to trickle out and flicking your tongue over my clit makes me squeeze it out faster. Beings o smooth from being waxed, my cunt drips freely and more than I expect. You take some of my cream on your tongue and move up the bed to kiss me as you slide your cock inside me. Within a few minutes, you speed up to return the favour of your orgasm inside me. Pounding my g-spot which ends with that guttural moan in my ear, as you empty your aching, full, balls all the way inside me is enough to bring another orgasm shattering over your cock. That we collapse, into each other’s arms, in a panting wet mess.

That’s what I like about oral.

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