Petticoat Diva


Dazing in and out of sleep, I can feel the start of the morning sun peeking through the blinds as I start to stir, it’s still really early when I feel his erection pushing against me.

I angle my hips and he rocks to rub between my suddenly slick lips, I hear him groan.

Unspoken words are the hottest.

I move again and he enters his hardness inside me. I let out a horny gasp. He grabs my hips as he spoon fucks my hole.

I’ve lean up slightly enjoying the intrusion and his right hand wraps covers my mouth to muffle the increasing noise; his fingers slip into my mouth. I suck, he speeds up.

He growls into my ear: “do not cum, this is mine” and spanks my bottom with his left hand. I yelp and he cums inside me.

“That’s what you get for snoring all night” and he doses back off to sleep leaving me dripping with his sticky hot cum.

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