Always my Queen, rarely my Domme.

Petticoat Diva

I sit quietly in your hotel room. You know I’m here, I’ve been sending you messages and you put my name on the room. So, I’ve just casually dropped a hint of what to expect throughout the afternoon. As you open the door there’s more than you had planned to wait for you. I’ve clad in a wet look fitted dress over my corset and a long-sleeved full circle wet-look jacket that hooks together under my breasts. There are fishnets too but they could stockings or tights – you’re not sure. To add to the look I’ve got 6-inch patent heels on that make you stop in your tracks.

Now, I’m not gonna lie, I can’t walk in these shoes so you’re gonna have to come to me.

“On your knees. Crawl to me. That’s right, do as you’re told.” I say sharply.

“Yes my Queen”, you respond.

The floor is carpeted and you keep eye contact with me as you crawl all the way to the foot of the bed. I purse my red lips.


“Such a good boy, so eager and willing. Have you missed me?”

I run my hand softly down the side of your face. You push your head against my hand as you silently nod and sigh.

My hand glides down your face to hold my finger under your chin, and I guide you towards me. Our bodies touch. You’re level with me enough to kiss, however that’s not going to happen and you know it. The thought runs through my mind that if you were in charge, I wonder what you’d do to me right now? Too bad, it’s my turn.

I softly croon “I’m going to watch you as you praise my feet and heels, your eyes focussing past my long legs and over my breasts to the face of your Queen.”

“Do it now!” I say more forcefully than the last instruction.

I’d say please but the one here to do the pleasing is you.

As you work your way up to my thighs from your knees, I change my mind and I suddenly turn over on to my front. I pull my dress up which reveals that the fishnets are tights and I have no underwear on, the tights framing my ass.


As my dress rises, I see you in the mirror behind me catching the glint of the plug adorning my hole and your eyes light up. I can see you wanting to touch, but you know better.

The plug parts my cheeks enough for you to see that the glint is from a gem nestled in the large silicone plug you bought me as a gift. Your delight turns me on. I turn back to sit on the corner of the bed, with my legs crossed. I undo my jacket and peel it off me as you watch me intently.

“You, my boy, have a task but you won’t need your hands for this. Put them behind your back. Now, you have a choice. You can have your hands tied and you’ll guarantee an orgasm but it won’t be anywhere near me or you keep your hands behind your back and you might get to cum inside me.”

“No tie, my Queen, I’ll keep them behind my back at all times.”

“A quick decision, good boy” I undo your belt and trousers.

“Before we begin, take your trousers, shoes, and socks off and then get back on your knees”

You dutifully return and assume your position.

“I’m going to lay here on the corner of this bed and you’re going to retrieve my plug with your mouth only BUT you must start from the floor….”

You can see I’ve made it easier for you as my dress is clung and wrinkled up on my hips. I wouldn’t want to be too unfair. I uncross my legs and I can see your cock bulging in your pants.


“Does my boy want my touch?” I seductively tease.

Running my hand down your chest, and tuck my fingers inside your white underwear cupping your cock and balls in my hand. I lean down and whisper with my cheek against yours.

“If you’re a good boy, I’m going to come on your tongue before you fuck my ass and if you get this plug out within 30 seconds, you get to film your come dripping out my ass and down my cunt….”

Removing my hand from your sudden raging erection, I give you a quick peck on the lips.


“May the odds be in your favour…”

I turn over, and bare my ass to your face.

“Go, 30…..”

You kiss from my heels up, as fast as possible and get straight into ripping my fishnets with your teeth. You go for burying your face in my ass.

“10” I groan as I feel your face pressing my ass apart.

You scramble to get a hold around the plug and pull. Watching your hands stay gripped together.


I groan as I feel a tug inside.


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