Escape from our history

Petticoat Diva

“I’m a bad girl”

“I’ve told you this more than once, and you’ve told me that it’s okay”

but I still feel it inside me. Two years on and he tells me I’m still a bad girl but it’s directed in all the good ways.

I’ve never been faithful to a partner as much as I’ve desired to be His. He makes me feel complete, I lay at his feet in pure serene content blurriness. My bottom may hurt but I’m happy.

I think to myself, is this what life is supposed to be? I don’t argue with him. It’s never a chore to be at his side, however, or wherever I’m stood, I’m always figuratively kneeling at his feet waiting for my next command.

Respectfully bowing to his Masterfulness even when it’s his head in my chest. Submissively caring for his every need like he does mine. I worry sometimes that my history will creep up and surprise me one day, that I truly will never leave it behind but for now, I’m going relish this moment.

I’m escaping from history. I’m escaping into his arms.

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