Jason: my ‘hot’ experience with the ‘Heated’ Male Satisfier


I recently wrote an article for Ms Diva on the Male Satisfyer and the fun you can have with its many vibrating settings. This month, I’d like to share with you my fun and adventures using the Satisfyer Men ‘Heat Vibration’ model.

For those unaware as to what a ‘Satisfyer’ is, put simply its a wanking-aid (vibrator) that deploys a range of features to help you edge your penis and/or to achieve an extra special orgasm. This particular model boasts;

              • Waterproof (IPX7).
              • 70 vibration programs
              • a 10-year warranty
              • With warming function
              • Skin-friendly silicone

So did this model live up to its counterpart or was this a lukewarm experience?


Like the Satisfyer, the Heat model is powered by 2 vibrator motors (quite powerful what I could feel) on either side of the main ‘chamber’

(so either side of your penis once inserted). It has numerous vibration modes ranging from the ‘lower’ to the more ‘intense’ based on your preference (I counted around 10). To change settings you simply press and hold for a second or 2 the up or down buttons on the front.

It doesn’t require batteries as it used a magnetic USB charging cable and holds around 6 hours worth of charge. I’ve not had a chance to test that (who has 6 hours to watch a vibrator go at it??) but I’ve used it a few times now and it shows no signs of giving up. If it does and I think that time is wrong, I shall update you all!

Made of silicone, the Heat Satisfyer is designed so that you place a penis in the main chamber and start the vibration. The penis doesn’t have to be erect but I would recommend using a little lube if you are starting on an erect penis, otherwise, silicone on bare penis skin can be a little interesting. The Heat model boasts to be able to mimic the sensation of both oral and penetrative sex. It’s a good sensation don’t get me wrong, but mimic penetration or a good blow job… that might be pushing it a little bit.

The heat aspect of the model can heat the chamber up to 40 *c. So there is little chance of ‘burning’ but this does depend heavily on what the man prefers on his penis. Technically this is only slightly warmer than the human body (37.5*c) so shouldn’t cause you any discomfort. It takes a minute or 2 for it to adequately heat up so I’d recommend activating the heater via the button on the front just before use. No one likes a cold silicone chamber.

Look n Feel:

I like the dark and silver look of the heat model. It looks quite modern and because of its plastic/silicone materials is very easy to spot of the device needs cleaning (and because of the same is relatively easy to clean).

The device is lightweight and due to its silicone material, it’s easy to hold (won’t slip out your lubed-up hand). Due to its low weight, it also means that if your session is going on for a while you are at low risk of wrist ache due to holding it for too long. Always a good thing!

The ‘chamber’ itself feels good (silicone again) however I did (personally) think that the hole was a tad small. It is a tight fit and as you can see from the pictures below, depending on your length may only cover the top part of your penis. For larger gentlemen (the dildo below is 7″) I wouldn’t throw out the fleshlight just yet.


You use the Heat Satisfyer by placing your penis (erect or otherwise) in the chamber and setting your vibration speed using the dials on the front. Keep adjusting until you find the one you want. It’s up to you if you want to wank as well or just let it do its magic. I’ve tried both and both work just as well.

Now, because of the way, it’s designed there is a question of ‘appropriate size’. I would put myself in the average category where penis size is concerned. Therefore, for me, the device worked and fitted OK. I could feel each aspect of it and didn’t feel like I was forcing a silicone hole around a thick cock. I would, however, suggest that if you are a larger gentleman that you use the device with lube and you’ll be fine. Otherwise, it might be a little bit of an awkward fit.

As a reminder, because this is silicone I recommend not ‘going in dry’ as it can rub against the skin of the penis and cause inflammation. A decent lube just to help along the way (but not a lot) will do the trick, and again this is fairly easy to clean out so washing any lube or cum out of the chamber can be done with ease.

Overall rating:

For those that have seen my reviews, you’ll know that I base my reviews around the fetish that got me into the whole thing – feet. Therefore I have stolen the idea of the FTSE100 rankings and have instead created the ‘Footse100’ rankings instead.

Out of the 2 Satisfyers I’ve reviewed now, I’m torn as to which is my favourite. Both are easy to use, have a powerful vibrator motor, is easy to clean and gave a good orgasm. Yes, there are issues with the size of the ‘chamber’ but I think even the ‘hung like a horse’ amongst us would find a use for this. This one does have the added benefit of being heated, which does give it that little edge over the standard satisfyer model.

On the ‘Footse100’ scale, it’s a solid 4 out 5, or in Diva terms a very solid 9 out of 10!

You can purchase this Satisfyer online from most online stores or direct at the Satisfyer website.

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