AboutPetticoat Diva


My name is Joanne. If you know me by another name, please don’t be boring. The internet is the internet and I know keeping it separate is just a lie to myself that will never work but hey, what have I got to lose? It’s a good thing that I’m here.

Joanne is my middle name and chosen name for this stream of my life – an alter ego so to speak. If you’re looking at this website and you know me elsewhere you’ll probably be thinking wtf …I don’t blame you, however, if you don’t want to see what I have published here… you can always click the red X at the top of your screen and never mention it ever again. Basically, let me have my fun.

I set up this webpage to covey my thoughts on my fashion sense and show that even as a tall and plus size woman you can look and feel good about yourself. This website is to show other women that I can unashamedly love myself for who I am and so can they along with picking up some hints and tips of where to get this style from. I stopped reading pop culture over 3 years ago and my life has got so much better since, I’d rather be fat and happy than skinny and miserable.

I’ve been blogging about various topics for a while, and not just in fashion. I’m also a sex toy reviewer aka as a Fetish Fairy – you can find me work on sex toys and bondage gear here: https://www.thefetishfairies.com/ – I’ve also been a blogger at http://carasutra.com/author/joanne-gemini/ – This is not only good fun but is also a great way to improve the market to have body safe products – there’s nothing particularly kinky or twisted about this. Just someones gotta do it and I’m one of them. If you’re ever looking for some recommendations, you can always ask – I follow standard behaviour of YKINMK which is ‘Your kink is not my kink’ and that’s okay. Kink shaming is not in my books – it just might not be something that floats my boat but might float yours.

I swan around on these webpages in 50’s fashion and lingerie, so please shade your eyes if it offends and if it doesn’t offend… a round of applause will do but please I beg you, don’t send me pictures of your tackle regardless of your gender. It does nothing for me.

You can find me on twitter as @divafoof or on IG as @petticoatdiva but if you want to give me some personal feedback or would like to contact me about anything you can always email me on info@petticoatdiva.co.uk but please be nice – in the words of Thumper “if you can’t say something nice, don’t say it at all”

In any case, I hope you like what you see but if you don’t then I’m not sorry, I’m just not for you and that’s okay.

This song has ended up being one of my current favourites: